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Date: 15th October 2016
Special Vehicle Inner Drive Shaft
Quick Details of special vehicle inner drive shaftWe can be processed within seven gears ?350 below, is a domestic first-class equipment to pull teeth. At present, the main processing equipment used in the Steyr heavy truck wheel axle ring gear, the North Pennines wheel axle ring gear, and loading the machine wheel axle ring gear, a gear ring loader gearbox, and pour file inside the ring. The inner ring has a precision machining equipment, high efficiency characteristics.?YK5150 CNC shaping machine 40, YK5158 CNC shaping machine 10, NC ?1600 the gear shaper day.Y3180H roller machine 50 units,YA31125 roller machine 10unitsAdwardsISO9001:2008 from Sep.24th.2015---Sep.23 th.2018? ? ?