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Date: 15th October 2016
Master Pin Axle
Quick Details of master pin axleFounded in 1980. After 20 years, develop from nothing,from small to large. Staff team of young and vigorous,Most of the employees have high degree and title?Enterprise culture activities of ?people first are rich and colorful. And repeatedly won the government awarded the "outstanding private enterprise" title.? ? ? ? ?In 1980 ?Daxing ?Auto Parts Factory was established? ? ? ? ?In 1990 ?Chang ?named Zhangqiu Bucun Daxing Auto Parts Factory? ? ? ? ?In 2000 ?Extension, and founded Zhangqiu Daxing Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd? ? ? ? ?In 2014 ?Founded sister coporation Jinan Daxing Construction Machinery Gear Co.,Ltd? ? ? ? ?In 2016 ?Company has import and export right,Company's main market of domestic trade to expand foreign tradeWe can be processed within seven gears ?350 below, is a domestic first-class equipment to pull teeth. At present, the main processing equipment used in the Steyr heavy truck wheel axle ring gear, the North Pennines wheel axle ring gear, and loading the machine wheel axle ring gear, a gear ring loader gearbox, and pour file inside the ring. The inner ring has a precision machining equipment, high efficiency characteristics.?AdwardsISO9001:2008 from Sep.24th.2015---Sep.23 th.2018? ? ?